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Dear Children: The future of India is in your hands. You are fully aware of the characteristics of this Kaliyuga, we are passing through. You find around you injustice, irregularities, immorality and untruth, with all their devilish attributes and atrocities. But we have to march ahead in spite of all this with a quite tolerant and benign attitude towards life. Almost all the fields and walks of life are polluted with these poisonous feelings; but the field of education, being the most prominent organ, needs our special attention. You know that you can draw claques upon a bank, whenever you need money, provided you have enough current deposit therein. If the bank goes bankrupt, it will be a disaster. The educational system is the bank on which the nation draws a cheque whenever it wants strong, reliable skilled workers. If it goes bankrupt as it has very nearly gone today, it is a national disaster.

Dr Ayyappan

Education Director

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