Talent wins games, but team work and intelligence wins championship.To unfold the enfolded skills we work out a strategy through which one can shed off inhibitions and work out for more achievement. With the help of games and exercises, we will aim to give them a drive to plan, to talk and to do things. They will have to put their brains and hannds together. These in turn will provide the drive for greater interaction. To ensure the success of the program the presence of experienced resource person is ensured. We always create conditions where students could come together in a spirit of team work.


The dynamic activities of the school have ventured beyond the boarders of the school and have brought back laurels for the school through various competitions. Sports is a metaphor for overcoming obstacles and achieving against great odds. Athletes, in times of difficulty can be important role models. Apart from education, we need good health and for that we make them play sports. Gokulam soccer academy is a reputed establishment go in hand with the school; capable of sprouting wings for Indian football dreams. School provides a full-time coach from Portugal to give proper training.


The system we ensue subserve the production of good leaders. Majority of the students crave for leadership roles because of the honor they bring. They will certainly emerge from the society acknowledging the responsibility and accountability factor of leadership. Leaders for various strata are elected through a democratic way and will swear in ceremoniously..

There is no limit for what a healthy encouraging environment can achieve. Hence we give due importance of shoulder pats,celebrations and social gathering and sense of belonging is developed through planning, evaluations and celebrations. We always strive to expose the potential of our students,Showing them how much each of them are really capable.


‘Nurturing the creative cleverness in the child is made possible through a structured curriculum based methodology. The Dept.of Co curricular activities pick out the minute impulses in the students to channelise into a mode of professional art. Tales of achievement our school has inscribed in the history of CBSE arts festival speaks through the innumerable plaque and

citations we have won…